Google Sheets: Get all Google Sheet Names


whilst I have no troubles using APIs, those new to Knime might struggle a lot. Especially with the added complexity of setting up Google APIs using the Google Cloud Console and potentially security and / or billing issues implied by that (Credit Card is also required).

In addition, this is kind of contrary to the low to no code approach of Knime. Therefore I’d like to request, which was done some time ago but got closed, to add an equivalent node to list all Google Sheet Names like the Excel Sheet Names node does.


Hi @mwiegand -

This is definitely something that has come up before, and I hope we can address it soon. Just to consolidate, here’s another thread discussing somewhat similar requests:

There are a few tickets about it. Let me see if I can consolidate those a bit on our side. In the meantime: those who are in need of this functionality: please vote on this thread!