Google Sheets Reader is not working

Detail information:

(Error message)

(But Google sheets writer is fine)

Did anybody faced same problem and how can I fix this problem? Thank you very much.

Hi @Noah01

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That is strange! It works like a charm for me here.

  • Did you have any spreadsheet available to read in the connected account?
  • Did you try again after the Google sheets writer node finishes writing?


Hi @temesgen-dadi
Thank you for reply.
Yes, I have serval available spreadsheets in my connected account. I has been rerun sheets reader after writer node finishes writing.
I have a concern. If writer node working fine,Is it assume i have full authority to connect to my google sheets(don’t need to ativate the google drive API).
Thank you.


Yes, as you can see in the Google Authentication node dialog the write permission implies read access too.

Can you reset the Google Authentication node and try again? It could be that your session expired. B


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I have a similar case. I’m pretty sure it’s not an authentication issue because I used authentication via API key and via Google sign in.

I my case, there are multiple tabs in the Google sheet file but I can only read from 2 out of the 10 tabs. The rest of the tabs results to “Unable to parse range” whether I put a specific range or not. Same error for both types of authentication; but then again, I am able to read 2 of the tabs in the file.

Session expiry should not be a problem since I tried making a separate authentication flow per reader node for each Google sheets tab.

Please help @temesgen-dadi