Good evening guys, how are you ?

I have a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, but it is in XLSX format, and this means that the Google Sheets Reader node cannot identify it. Is there another way to bring this file into my knime wrokflow?

If I turned it into a spreadsheet, I would be able to use this node, but this would change the link and this would not be possible, as all the company’s other queries are linked to this link.

and dear @Gabriel2020 please don’t write your titles in upper case letters :slight_smile:


Good morning everything is fine ?

Thank you for responding so quickly, is there a problem with this node? It only reads files from the machine, not files by URL that are on a Google Sheets page, or can they read them? and it’s just a configuration, can you help me?


I admit I was wrong, misread the Google Sheets part. Then I do not know any solution. However, it is also quite unclear how you even managed to get a .xlsx format in there. Even with uploading a .xlsx file I could not create that on a first try.



It gives this error

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