Google sheets write node

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Is it possible write in a specifically folder on google drive using the google sheets write node?

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William Paiva

Hi @wpaiva

Using the Google Sheet Writer node, at the moment, this is not possible. It is creating a new Sheet as if you would do it in the browser by pressing on the “New Sheet” button.

Hi There was an update on this topic? Now is it possible to write workflow results into a file on google sheets?

Hi All,

Now it is possible.

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hi, please How?
thank you in advance

Hi MIke!

  • To write data data table from KNIME to a new Google Sheets spreadsheet use Google Sheet Write node.
  • To overwrite or append data to an existing sheet, you cannot use the Google Sheets Writer node; you must use the Google Sheets Updater node.
  • Additionally there is also Google Sheet Appender node which you can check out.



thank you Ivan, just done!

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Hola a todos.
Una pregunta al respecto. Si se quiere escribir el fichero en una carpeta compartida del google drive ¿cómo se hace? Solamente logro crearlas en el raiz del drive. No encuentro esa opción en los nuevos nodos.
Muchas gracias.