Google Shutdown “less secure app” Option for Gmail

The SEND EMAIL node can no longer connect to Google. Is there any work around? See this note from Google on the email account security settings screen:

To help keep your account secure, from May 30, 2022, ​​Google no longer supports the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your Google Account using only your username and password.


I use the App Password method and am able to send emails from KNIME still How to Configure Gmail SMTP | Cloudways Help Center

Instead of using your password, you can create an Application Password for KNIME.


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This method requires two step authentication right? The workflow I have running through windows scheduler so I need this to run hands free. Is that still possible using an APP Password with MFA enabled like that?

Hi Scott,

This does not require 2 step authentication. You just place the generated APP Password into the password field in the send email node.

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