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Since I upgraded to 3.2, the Google GeoCoding node no longer seem to work.  In previous verions I used the Google node, and it worked flawlessly, but since the 3.2 upgrade I have recieved the following error:

"ERROR GoogleAddressGeocoder 0:3        Execute failed: ws.palladian.extraction.location.geocoder.GeocoderException: Received status code OVER_QUERY_LIMIT"

Did I incorrectly configure KNIME to use this node?  Have I reached a cumulative limit of my queries using this node?  Has Google's terms changed?

I was able to get the MapzenGeocoder to work, but if possible I would like to have more than one option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The free version has a limit of approx. 2,500 requests/day/IP. Probably you have hit this limit.


Good suggestion, but this occurs on the first run of the day. I use to run into this limit prior to upgrading so I was well aware of it. Thanks for your comment, but I afraid it's something else


sorry, I have just re-tried with a larger dataset and can confirm the error. I'll see whether there is a possible fix, but this will probably take some while. Thanks for reporting so far!


Hi there,

took a while, but the most recent update should fix this. Thanks for reporting.




it seems the error (not 2,500 request per day but multiple entry per sec) still exist as my node works sometimes but not every try.

i.e. yesterday i could finish 1,000 entry at one shot but today i even failed to complete 100 entry...

is there any good fix on this or action i should take?

thanks a lot,


I think Google has become more restrictive now and allow the 2,500 queries only with a valid API key. This is just an assumtion though. However, we currently do not allow supplying an API key for the node.

Feel free to check out the other options as mentioned above (Mapquest, Mapzen).

-- Philipp

I am new to KNIME - and was trying to use the GeoCoder Nodes - however - it appears that Mapzen has ceased operations - January 2018.

Per the comment several months ago - are there any plans to add API keys for Google?

Hi there,

true, Mapzen is dead and we will remove / deprecate the node in a future release of the Palladian nodes.

The task to add API key support to the Google Geocoder is on my list. I’ve also heard this wish several times during the current KNIME Summit here in Berlin. I’ll try to release an update soon.

Thanks for you patience.



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