GPT-2 text generation

Hi everyone,

Is there anyone how knows if GPT-2 (OpenAI text generation) might become available in Knime if it already hasn’t (I can at least not see anything when I search)?

I’m especially interested in training GPT-2 on none-english texts from a given topic.

Hey @cason,

I checked OpenAI’s website, and it looks like you just need to call their API via REST. Have you tried using the GET or POST request Nodes?

Wali Khan

Hi @wkhan ,

The API relates to GPT-3 and not GPT-2, it’s in private beta and only caters to English training, three reasons why it’s a no-go for me I’m afraid.

Hi @cason,
My project graduation is about GPT-2, so I need to fine tune it in another language.
Have you managed to fine tune it in your language?

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