GPT-3 Example Workflow

I’m trying to run this workflow and the Conda Environment Propogation node throws the attached error. Any ideas?

GPT3 Conda Propagation Error.txt (1.1 KB)

Hi rfeigel,

this could be because the component’s creator set a strict channel priority and they had a different OS than you.
Which OS do you use?
You could try according to the following two links to set

channel_priority: flexible

in ~/.condarc

and retry. Let me know whether that helped.


Thanks for the prompt reply. OS - Windows 11. I have no idea how to implement what you’ve suggested for this specific issue. Could you please provide more detail?

On Windows, according to this
you could open some command prompt (Anaconda prompt or some other terminal)
and enter
conda config --set channel_priority flexible
and it could do the trick (if that was the issue).
Tell me whether that works.

Best regards

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what is the use case? I am curious.

Worked perfectly. Thanks very much. Its frustrating that people post workflows that need obscure settings without any explanation.


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