GPT4All and KNIME: Leverage LLMs that run locally

Tools like the KNIME Analytics Platform and #GPT4All can enable people and businesses to take full advantage of #LLMs. @MoLa_Data explains how to integrate these two technologies to build powerful AI solutions using the nodes of #KNIME #AI extension. Enjoy the data story!

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Working locally with large models and adapting them to your organisation’s needs is awesome. Thanks, Roberto for sharing.


Downloaded GPT4All, Doesn’t give me option to choose models.





Thanks. That wasn’t very obvious.

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@rfeigel I think you can also load the model to be used locally from this site:


You may need to run gpt4all as admin and restart the program after downloading the chosen model.

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Thanks. I’ll check it out.

I didn’t succeed to find “.bin” models, just .gguf files, not compliant with Knime version of Gpt4all

@Corsaire50 they seem to have dropped the support. I hope the KNIME node will catch up

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Yes, we are aware of the problem and looking for a solution.
At the moment it looks like we have to decide between supporting the old format or the new format, and in that case we will have to follow their lead and drop support for the old format in favor of the new one.

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Hi to all, by last upgrade of LLM Extensions, the node GPT4ALL support the LLM models with gguf format, but I some problems when I send a list of prompt to the LLM prompter node. In some cases, response is null or inconsistent. I tried different types of LLMs, but the result is the same. Somebody had this problem?

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