GPU Support for Deep Learning

I’m trying to activate GPU support to run the examples in chapters 7 & 8 in the Codeless Deep Learning book. The models run, but don’t use the GPU. I have CUDA installed. My Keras and Tensorflow environments are attached. I’m an analyst, not a computer expert. Any help would be appreciated.

Keras Environment.txt (7.3 KB)

Tensorflow Environment.txt (8.4 KB)


Do you already know the Deep Learning Guide, in it the setup of GPU Support is described, e.g. for Keras:

This should help you in setting the environment up. An overview over the compatible graphic cards is also linked.


I’ve read the installation guide and obviously its not much help since I’m still having problems. Here’s my Deep Learning installation. It points to the Keras and Tensorflow environments I sent you previously.

Hi @rfeigel,

This line in Keras Environment.txt:

tensorflow-mkl 1.12.0 h4fcabd2_0

suggests that your Keras environment is set up to use the CPU (the GPU-enabled version of TensorFlow would be named tensorflow-gpu).

Could you please try to create a new GPU-enabled Keras environment via “New environment…” > “Create new GPU environment” in the Python Deep Learning preferences and see if this resolves the issue?


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Thanks. I created the new environment and according to Windows Task Manager, the GPU is active. Its not much faster, but I suspect that’s because of my low level GPU.


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