GPU Support for Redfield BERT Nodes

Can anyone provide me with simple, step-by-step instructions for installing the Nvidia support for the BERT nodes? I’ve asked in an earlier thread, but never got a clear answer. Windows 11 platform. My Python envirnment is correct. The workflows execute on my CPU, but of course are agonizingly slow.

Hello @rfeigel

Now Redfield BERT extension supports bundling which means that in most cases the provided environment should work for you (assuming that you have Nvidia GPU properly configured).

So in the settings of the extension you can select option “Bundled”. This option will use the Python environment that is “embedded” into extension. Otherwise you can select “Conda” and there click on “New environment”, if you do so a new environment should be installed automatically with all necessary dependencies.

Unfortunately resolving Python dependencies is some kind of the lottery where you need to pay attention to a lot of things: OS, CUDA version, GPU driver, TF/Torch version, etc. However Knime team helped us a lot in order to make the installation process as smooth as possible.

In case you have more specific questions please feel free to get back here.

Good luck,

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