is there a way to change the green from knime-tech to something that doesn't cause any headachescrying? It is really nice, I do agree, but with the white background I can only look at it for about 2 min without an overdose of aspirin...

(a red background with green wouldn't probably work either... smiley

Thanks for considering...



Hi Bernd,

as far as I know it is not planned to do a redesign of the KNIMEtech page in the near future.

I guess you mean the green color of hyperlinks and not the green in the logo? Depending on the browser you are using there might be a plugin or extension that allows to "tweak" websites by manipulating their stylesheets. I know that there is a extension for Firefox to do this, but unfortunately I cannot remember its name right now.


I also find the use of a low contrast green on a white background very difficult to read but I'm aware that this doesn't appear to be general.  Most forum software has the option of using different skins that include choices of colour schemes - and the default ones always have high contrast between text and background.

Perhaps a pragmatic solution would be to have 'Reading software' integrated with the web site so that visitors have an alternative to struggling with illegible colour choices or fonts.