Gridlines disappeared V4.4.0.v202106280851


With the installation of KNIME Analytics Platform V4.4.0.v202106280851, my workflow gridlines have disappeared.

My GUI settings:

My workflow settings:

Notably, whenever a pop-up window is shown, a very small portion of the gridlines is visible near the window border on the background.


Restarted / re-opened KNIME and the workflow several times. Any advice to bring back the gridlines would be appreciated!


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Hi @ArjenEX , this is weird.

In the workflow settings, can you uncheck the “Show grid lines” and click OK, and then go back to the workflow settings and check it again and click OK?

Does this bring back the grid?

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Something has happenend overnight, what I don’t know, but the grid is back :roll_eyes: Thanks for replying.

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No problem @ArjenEX , I’m glad it’s resolved. Did you by any chance shut down your computer (or reboot) overnight? If that’s the case, it could be that you were running out of memory, and by restarting your computer, memory was back to normal and Knime was able to display everything, including the grids.

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