Group 2 Install All Extensions

Task for Group 2 in KNIME Data Science Learnathon - Open Workflow - Install All Extensions - Restart KNIME - Close this Workflow

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Hello, my name is Francesco Pagani, I am registered to the ‘Virtual Data Science Learnathon’ of Tuesday, June 1st 2021.

I am using the ‘Knime Analytics Platform’ installed on my private notebook (today in Italy is holiday, that is why I am using my private computer instead of company PC).

I am trying to the import in the the workflow / install all extensions of Group 2, by using the drag and drop method, from this url:

but on the ‘console square / small window’ of my local ‘Knime Analytics Platform’ I receive this error message:
ERROR NewWorkflowContainerEditPolicy Problem downloading and importing repository object ‘00_Group2_Install_All_Extensions’ from ‘

Can yo help me, please ?

I can tell you that I am logged into my computer with a user that is not ‘admin’ of the computer itself.
Can it be this the problem ? Should I be administrator of the PC ?

Ok, sorry for the disturb, I have managed to solve the problem by myself. Sorry again.