Group by / Aggregation Method Set does not provide full set names


I am encountering an issue with GroupBy node. I group by and aggregate what I want to in my df however the output table does not show the full set names. The list of values by Set Aggregating function will end with "..." if there is more than 3 values!

Unique Concatenate does not really do unique counts in a way that Set does and therefore it is not suitable as it produces still a long list of value combinations.

What I want is to translate value sets like [A,C,D,B] be the same as [A,B,C,D], hence not two different aggregating result but one and the same.

How can I force the Set function to provide me with full list of variables' values?

Thanks in advance!


The output table only shows a few elements of collection by default. You can change the renderer by right-clicking on the column and select "full collection". It's only a presentation issue, not a problem with the Group By node.

Thanks Thor for a prompt response!



I have an additional problem as follows:

How do I filter rows according to Set values? When I add Statistics node, it nicely calculates set combinations values, all as one set which is what I want. A step further, according to what I figured out in Statistics node I would like to filter some Set values only, however, the rule-based filter nor the simple row filter do allow for this operation (String needed). Column Rename node will make the Set column string however then the Statistics node does not make an aggregation of various set combinations as one but different set combinations will appear separately.

So actually I need to label the different set combinations ([a b c] [c a b] [b a c]) as one and the same string  value (e.g. [ a b c] = [a b c] = [c a b] = [b a c]) and then I can filter.

Any way out of this problem?