Group by & Bar charts


Thank you in advance for answering this simple challenge that I have. I have the following workflow to create a bar char using the results from a group by. I think I have set this up right but I am still unable to see the bar char.


Ideally I would want to see the averages as a bar by month. I think I might be missing something really simple.

Thank you again!

Hi @bilallodhi

To see the averages by month, your Category Column should be Month (now it is: Year). But before you configure the Bar Chart node, you have to convert Month from integer to string. You can do that in a String Manipulation node: padLeft(string($month$), 2, "0" )
It adds a leading 0 for the months (1 to 9) so the month will be correctly sorted on the x-axis.

gr. Hans

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