Group by, excel pivot table

Hi all,

please check my screenshots:

I have an Excel input file with a lot of columns:


I would like to group the data from the excel file, like in a pivot table: So in this case group by columns “sachkto”; “prct”; “coauftrag” and “zuordnun” and show the sum “fw_brutto”



I think I need the node “group by”, but I am not sure how and where to set the correct configurations in the node to make it work.

Can anyone give advice? Thank you very much.


@Markus3003 there actually is a node for Pivoting. Maybe you give it a try:



you just need to use a “Group By” node:

Put you row identifiers in the first configuration dialog (Groups).
Than open the manual aggregation dialog and insert the variable you want to sum up.
You should also change the aggregation function from “mean” (default option) to “sum”.
Be sure that the column "fw_brutto” is numerical otherwise KNIME will not allow you to use the “sum function”.

I hope it will help

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Hi @Markus3003,
based on your excel pivot table setting, i think group by node should do the job as you assumed.

Use the columns you’ve selected for “Zeilen” as Group column(s) and for Manual aggregation your fw_brutto column with aggregation sum.



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