Group By node Delimiter question.

I am using the Group By node with Unique Concatenate aggregation. I want to use a line feed or carriage return as a delimiter so each value in the cell has its own line. Is it possible to assign such a delimiter to the Value delimiter in the node and if so how should I enter it?


Instead of unique concatenate, why not use list or Set as the aggregation method.

then you can use the Ungroup node on this list to put them into new rows.

alternatively you can use the string replacer to replace the existing comma delimiter.



you can change the vaue delimiter in the dialog of the groupby node in the "Advanced settings" section of the "Options" tab. You can enter \n for a line feed or \t for a tab.



First, as always, thanks for the responses.

Tobias - Your solution was what I originally tried before asking my question. When I delimit in the group-by node with simple \n I get the literal \n in the output, not the line feed. Am I missing something?


Thanks again - Jon

Hi Jon,

the current implementation escapes special characters e.g. \n and \t. We will change this with version 2.10. Until then as a workaround you can use \n as delimiter in the "GroupBy" node and afterwards use the "String Manipulation" node with the following expression:

replace(<yourColumnName>, "\\n", "\n")

to replace the escaped new line with the proper unescaped new line. Sorry for the inconveniences.



This would be a really useful feature to add, but I think it should be an option, with the default set to mimic the current behaviour to not break existing workflows