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Good afternoon, wishing you have a great weekend, I present the following query:

By occupying the node called group by it allows me to perform the required grouping without problem, however I need to know the following:
Can a row called “grand total” be added similar to excel’s pivot table by occupying the group by node?

The following is attached:

test base
group by node screen print
grouped pivot table screen print

Libro1.xlsx (351.3 KB)

Hi Pedro,

have you tried to use a Pivot node? The third output port is what you need.
If you use a Concatenate node you’ll be able to get the output you want. If you just need totals, then simply refer to the third output port with no concatenation.


Tell me if it helps. Have a nice evening,


Hi @lelloba, thank you very much for what you said, however I’m lost with the explanation.
Would you have the workflow that you comment on the image to follow the steps?


I have prepared a workflow with your data.

Have a nice day,


Good morning @lelloba, thank you very much for the help

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