Group columns selection in GroupBy node

In the group settings, I’m missing a way to specify column names generically (via wildcard/regex or type) and the possibility to enforce column inclusion and exclusion, just as we can do in the Column Filter node. Of course, it is possible to work around that, but it would be very convenient.

Hi @mpenalver, I guess I have never had a use case for auto including or excluding columns in the groupby but strangely enough for totally different reasons, I built a component for generating a column header String Array flow variable that can be used to auto-populate inclusion or exclusion lists.

Having seen your post, I figured I may as well update it to include wildcards/regex patterns. Maybe it will save you time too! :slight_smile:



KNIME_generic_group_by 1.knwf (62.4 KB)


Thank you @takbb . The workaround is not really a big deal, but it would be more convenient to have it integrated in the GroupBy node.


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