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Please check my screenshot:

I would like to sum up the values in "Sum(fw…) with same “PSP_Element” but also keep the values from the other colums. So it should basically look like in the screenshot, I tried with group by but I did not manage so far to get the data in the way I wanted.
Sample_Data_Knime.xlsx (10.7 KB)

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Hi @Markus3003

Some things I notice:
In your first screenshot, the last psp_element record ends with 05-08. In your Excel sheet, that same records ends with 05-03. That makes it the third record with that particular psp_element name. If you GroupBy on psp_element in KNIME, it will indeed be off because it will sum all three contrary to your second screenshot where you are looking to apparantly only group 2 of the 3 psp_elements of 05-03.

If that is the intention, then you need more information to distinguish those groups (2 vs 1 record) that the GroupBy node can work this. Otherwise this would be the correct output for the sums, accounting for that third record.


Please double check your input and expected output :wink:

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Hi @ArjenEX, Thank you for answering & sorry for the confusion!

here the correct data:

Sample_Data_Knime.xlsx (10.7 KB)

The Output should basically look like your screenshot, but I would also need the other columns AND there data (Belegart, Buchschl, Sachkto, Kundennr) to be included (in the end it should look like the right picture of my screenshot).

Thank you

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Allright, makes more sense now :slight_smile:

GroupBy can indeed help you out here:


The Grouping column here is the psp_element.

Based on this I take the first values of all the other columns for set group and finish with the “sum of the sum”. You can change first to for example last, mode value, set the missing checkbox etc. based on your actual use case.

Group data to sum.knwf (18.6 KB)

Hope this helps!


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