Group Loop Start by "Groupby"


I have unique serial numbers stored in the column "SerialNumber"

 I do "Group by" having as groups the "serial number" and in Manual aggregation several unique counts and concatinations of the other exisitng columns. My result looks like this:


I did the above only for 1 serial numbers (Row filter=1506A80D), as a test to see if it works.

Now, I want to LOOP and  do the same process for all the serial numbers.

My end result should be one table with serial numbers per row.

How can I do that properly by using the Group Loop Start? Should it be like that?


Try using GroupBy on the entire, unfiltered table and see what happens. From your explanations I don't see why you'd need to loop in the first place, it just slows you down!

If looping were really required, just dropping the variable connection might make it work - but do try it without any of this overhead first! :)