Group loop start- could not sort with categories


I’m trying out the group loo start node. But it wasn’t look like what I expected…
I have a table with different categories in one column. After the table creator, I use Group loop start to sort, but it shows ONLY one category in the table.
Any idead about this? How can I solve this?


Table creator:

Group loop start config:

Group loop start outcome:

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Can you tell us more about the result you were expecting?

I don’t think there’s anything going wrong. You executed a loop start node, which is not followed by any processing nodes, and no loop end node. Therefore you got the results from the first iteration.

With your current setup, I can’t see that result changing.


Here is the wrokflow i made. I was expecting to get spread sheet with each category.
But it shows only one categy with one spread sheet in the final out come.

testing.knwf (12.1 KB)


Your excel contains only the last group. To write an file for every group, you need to make the path/name dynamic. Although this wf by @elsamuel from the KNIME Hub uses a different loop and a csv writer, it is a good example how to fix your problem. Excel to CSV Loop – KNIME Community Hub .
gr. Hans

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