Group Loop Start - Why Order doesn't work

Hi friends,

I have a flow with two GROUP LOOP START.

In the first group loop , I’m grouping by product SKU:
Until where is working fine. It’s returning 5 rows.


Before I start the second group loop:
I’m want to sorter the values in the order below.
So then, I use a Sorter Node to obtain that particular order.


Problem: in the second loop, I have tried every thing to start the loop from the first rows, but the node starts from the last values.

  1. I tried to inverter order with another Sorter node.
  2. I tried to not check the flag (image below)

I don’t know how to group correctly

I understand now.
I will see the results only in the end of the loop End with the 5 rows together.

If I only see the group start, it will show out of order, but in the loop, it will be correct.

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Glad you were able to get it figured out. Thanks for posting the additional detail!

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