Group Loop Start within a Case / If

Hi all,
Having a strange issue which I hope is just user error. I am looking to implement a flow whereby if the top branch is selected, all rows are passed - but if the bottom branch is selected, a loop gets triggered to run through 1 row at a time. This seems easy enough to envision however I cannot get the End If or Case Switch End nodes to accept the case where the top branch is selected. This seems really odd that the End If and Case Switch Ends fail when the bottom branch is inactive - any ideas out there?


[not shown, same challenge with Case Switch End]

To add some more context, looking to develop a process which allows a model to function either as a Server UI front-end, or to loop through all the projects in an automated way. Open to other alternatives to achieve this goal.


Maybe you can post your whole flow here.
At the end you need to close the loop so I would assume that causes problems as the loop would not be triggered in any case. You could try to have the whole loop including the end inside the second branch

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