Group String-Data in Intervals

Hello Everybody,

I'm doing K-Means Clustering, and the K-Means-Operator expect numerical data input.

so my problem is..How can I group String-Data in Intervals.. like that:


     Status       sports

     married     badminton
     single        soccer
     single        soccer
     married     Basketball
     married     badminton

Result - Convert String to Integer:

     Status       sports

     0                  0
     1                  1
     1                  1
     0                  2
     0                  0


Column 1: married = 0
                 single = 1

Column 2:  badminton = 0
                  soccer = 1
                  basketball = 2

If i use the "String to Number" - Operator, the Result is always "?".


Is possible to know what I want?



there is a node called String Replacer that might help...

Regards, Thomas

Thanks for your Attention!

yes but the Table has 15 Columns..

in the node "String Replacer" you can select just 1 Target Column..

So i dont want use 15 String Replacer-Nodes..:-)

How can i do it??

nobody an idea..? sad

Hi h.bogay

couldn't you save the columns names in a ASCII file and use the loop example (see worflow 011003 in to import column names and do the string replacement ?