GroupBy provides incomplete sums

I have a table with 3 columns. In one column I have several identical values and would like to have a sum of the values in another column for these values.
This should actually work with GrupBy.
From a table with 150,000 rows and 459 identical values in column B, the complete sum of the corresponding values from column C is not calculated, but only a part.
Have I overlooked a setting?
Manual aggregation is Sum.
I would be very pleased if you could suggest a solution

Hi @wanglunberlin , it’s difficult to say without seeing the data and having an example to play with so we can see where this occurs.

Any chance you could remove anything sensitive from your data (simply remove anything that identifies what it refers to / change column names to dummy names) and upload it?

To get a better understanding, what data type are you trying to sum, and what are you expecting the total values to be, and what totals are you seeing?

What are you using to get the “expected” values?

Thank you very much for the quick response. I had a problem with the data collection. As a result, I had incomplete values. With a bit of searching I was able to find the error. GroupBy does what it should. The error was on the opposite side of the screen.

lol @wanglunberlin , I often have to deal with my own errors of this nature…

"ERROR detected: between keyboard and chair"

Thanks for the update and glad you managed to resolve your problem.

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