Grouping blocked traffic every 5 second intervals using timestamp.

Need help grouping blocked traffic every 5 second intervals using timestamp using KNIME.

Tables include:
access column = block for incoming traffic
timestamp column = 2022-10-13T17:55:23.002Z (example of format)

Again, we want to calculate the blocked traffic per 5 seconds.

For example, we want something that tells us 2 blocks per 5 seconds. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

  1. Map timestamp to the desired interval, e.g. by using divide and floor
  2. Use GroupBy combined with e.g. count aggregation to count the events per each interval
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Could you possibly explain a little more, new to KNIME. Thank you! Please help

Please post some example data and/or your current version of the workflow. If not me, Iā€™m sure someone else will step in.

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