Grouping Coordinates in KNIME

I am currently facing a challenge and am reaching out with the hope that someone can provide assistance.

I have a list of coordinates (latitude and longitude), and I would like to group together all connected coordinates within a radius of 500 meters. My attempts so far have not yielded a suitable solution. My current approach involves assigning a unique identifier to these connected coordinates, but I am also open to alternative suggestions.

I have attached an example file to illustrate the issue. Could you please help me find a solution within KNIME to group these coordinates?

Thank you very much in advance for your support! Your assistance is highly appreciated.

test1.xlsx (4.0 KB)

Hello @torres000

Perhaps the most simple thing you can try is Hierarchical Clustering node. So it will try to put the closest object according to your threshold into the clusters. 1 degree is 111.32 kilometers, in your case 500 meter would be around 0.005 degrees. So you can use this values as a threshold.
I prepared simple workflow for you.

Otherwise you can have a look at the Geospatial extension, perhaps it has a better way to group the points within a radius. However I am not that experienced with that extension.

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This workflow doesn’t do a great job of grouping, but it may get you started.


both solutions are great. I will definitely need both solutions sooner or later. Thank you very much for the quick resolution.

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