Grouping files by pairs

I have 40 CSV files in 40 different folders (one file in each folder).
Each file contains data for one month.
Of those 40 files, 20 contain one type of data and the other 20 another type of data.
I need to group the files corresponding to the same month in pairs to work with them.
Any idea ?

@daviduehlinger welcome to the KNIME forum.

Question is can you identify the 20 files containing the one sort of data by (a part of) their filename.

The new CSV reader offers the possibility to import multiple files at once

Such a folder setup could be imported with these settings:

This is a sample workflow that shows the use of this new reader. You will sometimes have to toy around with the path settings since they are not always straightforward.


Thankz a lot @mlauber71 !!!


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