Grouping rows in groups of x number

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing ok at the moment, I need idea on how I can group a list of 1200 companies in group of 60, I don’t know how to use the Bin nodes as I just need to batched in groups of 60 irrespective of the order

HI @adjrock

If you have some process that you’d like to carry out on batches of 60 rows, and there’s no logic to the grouping, then the Chunk Loop Start node will work. You’d follow this up with nodes that carry out whatever processing you’d like to do and then close the loop with the Loop End node.

If you simply want to tag each company with a group number, such that each group contains 60 companies, then you can use the Chunk Loop Start node immediately followed by the Loop End node. The result will be a table with an new column called Iteration that will range from 0 to 19, each assigned to 60 rows. I could also see a series of Partitoning nodes working for this if you wanted a little more control over how the groups are created. Another option would be using math to assign group IDs based on row numbers.

If there’s logic to the grouping then the Group Loop Start node is the one you want to use.


Hi there @adjrock,

Bin nodes are for binning rows based on numerical column so not supposed to be used in your use case. Although if you have numerical column you can probably make use of Auto-Binner node with number of bins 20 and equal width configuration.


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