Grouping similar strings in a column

I’m working on an athletics survey for a stakeholder, the programs involved are many and varried. I have a list of what they want in the final report but I’m at a loss on how to group individual values into a parent value.

Specifically, how to group all basketball, into a single Basketball parent group. There are more, but once I get one, the rest will follow.


This is generated from a GroupBy straight from a DB Query Reader

Hi @jdlueken84
Maybe you can start with a Rule Engine node, you can create groups given a text. For example, you can do something like this (note the use of * (asterisks) before and after the text ):

$Sports$ LIKE “Basketball” => “Basketball”
$Sports$ LIKE “Football” => “Football”
$Sports$ LIKE “Swimming” => “Swimming”
$Sports$ LIKE “Tennis” => “Tennis”

I’ve duplicated the lines with different sports so you can follow the example. And this is the final result:

There are other ways to do this with regular expressions to clean special characters, spaces, numbers and other letters from the name, but I think that this is a simpler approach to get you started.


That’s the path I was starting to go down, just couldn’t remember the correct character to exclude anything after the entered string. This should solve the problem. Thank you @eamendola.


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