Guest for our community Big Data for Social Science

Hi all KNIME users, we are in Indonesia will be creating a social event with the theme Big Data for Social Science. Is there any user in this forum to share about an experience with KNIME. Why KNIME etc. Please contacting me…Thank you


Here is a good article

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@itsmecevi I have a collection about KNIME and databases with articles and examples. Under the letters B and C there are entries about KNIME and Big Data:

Talking about experience with KNIME there is a collection of reviews on the Gartner site about the

Where there is also talk about KNIME and Big Data.

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thx, great article, i need someone who like to share about knime in short workshop, do you wanna join?

Perfect and nice collection. Do you wanna join to our community in Indonesia to give some a little speech about KNIME?