Guided Automation, Visualization and Exploration Workflows

Hey everyone,
yesterday at the KNIME Spring Summit I presented with @christian.dietz, @Maarit, @ScottF and Phil many different workflows for guided analytics, web application, interactive system, dashboards and last but not least automated machine learning! Let’s tag also @SimonS, a big mastermind behind some of those workflows.

I would like to reference those workflows here through our brand new workflow hub:

Guided Automation:*eAGfGtEAIr-1iYR-
Guided Visualization:*3DQDX83agmLyitB7
Guided Exploration:*20LQKtn68R7_89fH
Guided Exploration + Visualization:*l9foH_D6J1V09xAM

I would suggest to use directly the Example Server on the KNIME Analytics Platform to get the full folders:


More content on this topic here:

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If you have any questions please post them here or directly in the discussion on the workflow pages on the hub!


The talks from the KNIME Spring Summit 2019 on this content are now available on YouTube.

Guided Automation :
Visualizing with Guided Analytics (Phil’s show) :



Would it be possible to get the workflow shown in Greg Landrum’s presentation at the Knime UGM on March 20th, 2019? At the very beginning of his presentation (“What’s new in Deployment?”, he is showing implementation of the Container Input and Container Output (table) nodes. I am very interested in getting a workflow where these nodes are implemented.




Hi Claire,
I am still looking for Greg’s workflow.
Anyway if you want to have in the meanwhile another workflow that uses the Container Table nodes to set up a RESTful service on KNIME Server, take a look here:*elOmANojo1L7Y-6-

Does this example work for you?


Thanks for the link to the workflow. Actually, I’d prefer to get the workflow from the presentation. It much simpler than the other examples I’ve seen on the forum. I’m interested in the interaction between the nodes/views.

Hi Claire,
@greglandrum showed a couple of workflows in his talk.

I found the one building a RESTful Service on KNIME Server here on the Workflow Hub:

While the one showing interactive visualizations on KNIME WebPortal is the following one:

01 - Guided Analytics - Whats New.knwf (58.5 KB)

Let me know if at least one of them is what you were looking for!


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