H2O AI Integration in KNIME

Is there any guidance or video tutorial available for H2O ai integration. I am learning how to do the same and use this AI .
kindly share. I checked in the you tube but very basic level not found.

There are several examnples on the KNIME hub about how to use the H2O.ai integration and KNIME. If you are looking for a video I only have one where H2O.ai is mentioned but not in a detailed way and it is in German - slides are in english tough.

H2O.ai Examples on KNIME Hub

Combine Big Data, Spark and H2O.ai Sparkling Water

H2O.ai AutoML (generic KNIME nodes) in KNIME for classification problems - a powerful auto-machine-learning framework

Solving a Kaggle Challenge using the combined power of KNIME Analytics Platform & H2O

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Thank you for sharing it @mlauber71 ,let me learn it. I can understand English, if model workshop is there I can under stand and try in my workflow , once again thank you

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