H2O Driverless AI Error module 'driverlessai' has no attribute '_h2oai_client_1_9_0_1'


I’m trying to work with h2o driverless AI an KNIME.
Currently I’m following the steps from the documentation: https://docs.knime.com/2020-07/h2o_driverless_ai_guide/index.html#img-push-data-to-h2o und trying out the example Workflow https://kni.me/w/EG2NQ-R9pP-H_Wli
and getting the following error:

ERROR Upload data to H2O Driverless AI 0:25 Execute failed: module 'driverlessai' has no attribute '_h2oai_client_1_9_0_1' Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 2, in <module> File "C:\Users\spo\Desktop\KNIME\plugins\org.knime.ext.h2o.dai_1.0.0.v202011111327\py\knime_dai_push.py", line 37, in run dai = connect(dai_location,username,password) File "C:\Users\spo\Desktop\KNIME\plugins\org.knime.ext.h2o.dai_1.0.0.v202011111327\py\knime_dai_lib.py", line 42, in connect except driverlessai._h2oai_client_1_9_0_1.protocol.RequestError: AttributeError: module 'driverlessai' has no attribute '_h2oai_client_1_9_0_1'

Python should be correctly installed:

Also the docker container is running an I can successfully login the web interface.

Any Ideas?

Thanks und best regards


Hello @goodvirus,

This error is coming from some of the python implementing the nodes here.
When you created the anaconda environment, did you do so the same as from the .yml script on the documention page? It’s very important that the last two lines are included.

Also, there was a fix related to the DAI nodes released in the last few weeks. Can you see if updating the nodes helps the issue?

Let me know the status of where you at,

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Hi there,

Has a solution been found to this issue? I have the exact same problem and I’ve followed all the steps on the H20 Driverless Ai integration guide.


Hi, sorry for the late reply.
Unfortunately my computer died on me so I lost most of experiment. I didn’t tried it again because I´m using Azure Auto ML instead (it is not that fancy, but relatively cheap and works just fine).

Hi @nspasik,

did you install the driverlessai python module? See here for details: KNIME H2O Driverless AI Integration User Guide



Yes I did. I’ve followed all the steps on the integration guide and I have made sure that my h20 login credentials and location are correct

Did you create a new anaconda environment with yml file or did you install the driverlessai module manually in an existing one? If the latter, can you try re-install it with the fixed version Also, make sure that in the Python Preferences in KNIME you have the correct environment selected.


Hi Simon,

In the H20 integration guide, it says to download the provided yml file, although when I click the link to that file it takes me to another page with the contents of the file without actually downloading it. (https://docs.knime.com/latest/h2o_driverless_ai_guide/img/py36_knime_h2o-dai.yml)

So instead I did conda env create -f https://docs.knime.com/latest/h2o_driverless_ai_guide/img/py36_knime_h2o-dai.yml
in my terminal. Could that be causing an issue?

Hm not sure if that’s the cause. Could you do a conda list and check which modules are installed in your environment?


Here is the driverlessai module in my python environment

The version looks right. Do you have the correct environment set at File → Preferences → KNIME → Python? See the screenshot in the first post here in this topic. It must be as as Python 3 environment.

When double checked, can you also check if you get exact same error message? I only get this error message if I have a driverlessai version < installed.