H2O model to cell?

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There is a node ‘Model to cell’ and the reverse, ‘Cell to Model’ which can be used for regular ML models such as RandomForest to collect models as cells in a table. Is there something corresponding for H2O models? Or another way to create a table containing several H2O models? I would like to use this together with the H2O AutoML node.


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@evert.homan_scilifelab.se have you tried to just connect the H2O models to the Model to cell node? The port might acceptor all kinds of models

Other that that you could try and use „Port to file cells“ and collect locally saved files into a table cell. Problem I explored that last time there were some problems. In this example Excel files are being collected but the loading of the saved KNIME table file does not always work, so maybe it is not the best option.

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Hi, it looks like the Model to Cell node indeed accepts H2O models directly, which is great.

Thx for your swift reply!



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