Had anyone connected to a HPE NonStop SQL/MX database

We have a HPE NonStop SQL/MX database managed by a third party which currently we access using ODBC via a convoluted route using KNIME to run external PHP scripts. We do now have a JDBC connector available and I registered the jar in the database preferences and all seems OK in the JDBC connector with DB URL like jdbc:t4sqlmx:// I get an error when trying to connect this, to the tune of ‘Invalid authorization specification’ - this using the username and pw which work with the ODBC connection. Maybe we need different credentials for the JDBC option but I would have thought these were DB specific rather than connection… Still digging of course but wondering if anyone out there has sorted this already and can save us some time.

Hi @SteveThornton,

Thank you so much for posting your query on the forum. I am not aware of what third party service is being used. However, what I can point you to are several resources, maybe those can be of help to you:

Hope it helps



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Thanks for this but doesn’t really help for this specific case - will post an update if and when we make any progress…

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