Hadling error if there are no file on folder

Hi friend’s
There’s a way to pass an error if the node not find a file?


I have a flow that uses a “concatenation” (print 1) , but on the second flow, there is no file inside the folder to lookup. (print 2)

But, the missing file is not an error, is because for the situation, it will not exist.
What I want is to do something that passes the error, even if there’s no file found.
The result is that the “concatenation” will not concatenate nothing on second flow.

Print 1

Print 2

I’ts possible?
Because if not, I will have to put any file into the folder (dummy file, only with header and not content)

Hi @Felipereis50 take a look at this post I did earlier today, which attempts to read a csv file and handles it if it doesn’t exist.


Hello @Felipereis50
It isn’t clear for me that your WF starts with a ‘List Files/Folders’ node in the sketch, and the Excel Reader misses the file four nodes afterwards…

You can join the target path vs the reading from the List Files/Folders, then you can use an ‘Empty Table Switch’ node. In this way you get a parallel flow. The Excel reader has to be allocated in the upper flow; the lower is the alternative… you can read a template empty dummy (in the alternative workflow); or if the first file does always exist, you can connect to an empty filter from it. These two EndIF workflows converge within an ‘End If’ node…

This is the idea…

Let me know about your thoughts


P.S. The Sketched image is representing the empty returning of an error control from R Script, whenever there aren’t any error descriptions so the lower workflow is an empty, returns an alternative table

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Hi @takbb
You are like a live nodes’ encyclopedia, nice solution in that post :+1:t3: . I always find basic solutions with the yellow ones; reading your posts gives me insights for next challenges.


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Thank you very much friend.
I will definitely look at your post.


Thank you very much friend, for the support.

I’ll learn a lot with you guys.


Kind of you as always @gonhaddock , but my workflows are also generally a sea of yellow, and even then it’s amazing how many yellow nodes I have no idea about! :grin:

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