Handling "Double Quotes" on string joining function

Hello all,

I am working with join expressions under the ‘String Manipulation’ node.

I would like to be able to concatenate strings, however, if one of the columns’ value its been used to concatenate has spaces, I must use “double quotes” to handle that specific case.

For example:

color carName
black Jaguar
blue BMW
white Jeep Grand Cherokee


black Jaguar
blue BMW
white “Jeep Grand Cherokee”

“I understand about the difference between brands and names of vehicles, but you get the point…”

Handling the space:

I thought of using the ‘Rule Engine’ node but can’t figure out if in it has an expression to handle IF FOUND like in Excel we have, ISNUMBER(SEARCH) . I have tried:

< " " IN $carName" => TRUE > then I append a column (spaceFound) w a true or false for later handling by the double quote function

also tried:
" " MATCHES $carName" => TRUE

both do not work

concatenating w join:

I am concatenating with join as:

join($color$, < if value is TRUE on (spaceFound) col , then > DOUBLE QUOTES,$carName$,DOUBLE QUOTES ) [adding the double quotes to the beginning and end of the value of $carName"]

Thank you all,

Hi @jarviscampbell

Before jumping towards a solution, just a double check:
Is your desired output only to quote the carName column whenever it contains a space like in the Output:?

Because in your pseudo code I see you doing join($color$, so I’m assuming the desired output is actually one string saying white “Jeep Grand Cherokee”


Hi @ArjenEX,

No, it will output regardless, but when there’s a space, double quotes should be added.

Thanks for checking.

Sorry, I have adjusted the output as it should be.

Just need to join the strings from both columns.

Allright @jarviscampbell

My suggestion would be to use one the most powerful tools available for strings, the Column Expression.
Your desired output is achievable through:

if (contains(column("carName")," ") == true) {
    column("color") + " \"" + column("carName") + "\""
} else {
    column("color") + " " + column("carName")

What it does:

  • It checks if the carName contains a space, resulting in true or false.
  • If true, create a string by concatenating: the color, a quote, the carName and another quote. Key here is that you have to escape the quote since it’s a special character. This is done with the backslash.
  • If false, concat only the color and carName with a space in between.

See WF:
Handling “Double Quotes” on string joining function.knwf (12.8 KB)

Hope this helps!


Outstanding @ArjenEX , Beautiful brain of yours. That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Again, I appreciate you.

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