Handling Errors During Automation with Selenium in KNIME

Hello everyone,

I am seeking your help regarding the use of Selenium with Knime, especially concerning error handling.

I am working on a project that involves retrieving information from URLs. I am using various nodes to locate elements, extract information, and perform manipulations.

The issue I’m facing is that sometimes my workflow gets stuck because it couldn’t find an element. Additionally, I use different interactions such as scrolling down and clicking a button.

I would like to ensure that my workflow doesn’t stop even if it fails to click a button or perform another action, and that it moves on to the next URL.

It’s really frustrating that the workflow stops because of one URL, causing me to lose all my information since the data is saved once all URLs are processed in the loop.

Perhaps I should store the results for each iteration instead of performing all the transformations at the end of the loop to store them in a file.

In any case, I would like to know how to solve this issue of a blocking workflow and force it to continue with the next URL without having to manually fix the problem and start over.

I have tried using the Try Catch and IF Switch nodes, but I couldn’t get them to work in my specific case.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Hi @Foxyellow

Can you elaborate on this a bit more specific? What made it didn’t work for you? I’d say the Try-Catch route is the best one to take here.

If the website is public, an example with your workflow setup would really help to troubleshoot the issue :wink:

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