Handling of MDL query features (link nodes)


I have found that certain MDL query features (link nodes in this case) are lost when converting to RDKit or Indigo molecules.  I have attached a screenshot showing the SDF string output for (1) the MOL output from the sketched (Marvin Sketch) query; (2) the RDKit version; and (3) the Indigo version (had to add an Indigo->Query Mol node in this case to get the SDF String rendering).

As you can see, in the RDKit and Indigo molecules, the M  LIN line is missing (but the atom list query feature - M  ALS - is retained).  Would it be possible to add support for the link node query feature, and also any other MDL query features that are missing - as I think these are what most chemists are familiar with when sketching query molecules?

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