Hardware to speed up Knime?


I'm curious as to how I could speed up Knime on my PC. Task manager is telling me I'm running roughly 60% on RAM and 30% on CPU. Yet Knime is slow and choppy (my workflow has several nodes always executing several times, and looping back). I'm wondering specifically about hardware that could help.

I plan on adding triple the number of nodes so the speed of execution has become an issue.

Any pointers?


if your workflow can do parallel operations, you need more cores or just faster cores.

If  you work with large dataset, you need  more RAM to avoid disk I/O operations. .

From my personal experience, ssd helps to. Knime keeps/cache data in temporary files, which are stored on disk, so using ssd over hdd would also increase execution time.

But at first, read that article:


Btw, what is your current PC configuration? Could you show your workflow?