Has anyone added , or does anyone plan to add, HDF5 functionality? I know there are existing open source java implementations out there as well as a very nice python one (pytables). The combined functionality could be very nice.

I take it no one is using or plans to use HDF5.

Hello, I also have the same problem.

I would like to program the RUL of the NASA turbofan engine 2 dataset with Knime. but this database is in HDF5.

What do you recommend? to look for another frame work?

Hi @Aymar and welcome to the forum.

You might check this post that discusses options (mainly using the h5py package in Python) to get the data into KNIME. There is also some additional discussion upthread about why HDF5 is a bit of a special case:

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Good evening, @ScottF
Thank you for answering me, I will try to put your recommendations into practice.
I’ll get back to you as soon as I have results.

Thank you

I went through the proposal and started setting up python for HDF5 playback :sunglasses:. but I must admit that at the level of integration in knime, I do not really find myself :laughing:.

Indeed I have just started with Knime, and I think that two solutions are offered to me
1- either I learn more to integrate the solution as he proposes.
2- or I simply convert my HDF5 files to CSV or Excel.

I am currently thinking of solution 2 :sweat_smile:
thank you, I’m open if you have any suggestions

Hello, thank you for your assistance, we finally found a solution to the problem.

The database we are working on is quite heavy (15Go) and I would like to run knime on a server other than the one proposed by knime, is it possible?

Because I haven’t figured out how yet

Hi @Aymar,

Glad you found a way to handle the HDF5 files.

I’m not sure I understand your question about the database and the “server […] proposed by KNIME”. Do you already have a KNIME Server? If not, are you just trying to figure out where best to run the Analytics Platform? Is your concern about RAM, storage space, CPU, or some combination?

A bit more detail about your planned infrastructure would be helpful.