HDFS encryption using Ranger KMS

Hi, I’m using knime version 4.6.0.
We want to connect to the hadoop world.
We’re having an unusual problem with a KNIME job that involves reading and writing to our Hadoop cluster. Our cluster uses Kerberos authentication. Here are the observations we made:

When the destination file or folder is not encrypted with HDFS transparent encryption, everything works fine.
However, when the destination folder is encrypted, we encounter the following error.

Based on the error message, it appears that KNIME is not using Kerberos Ticket Granting Tickets (TGTs) to establish a connection with the Ranger KMS service in the Hadoop cluster, which manages the encryption keys.

Could you please provide any suggestions or solutions to resolve this issue?

Thanks for the support,

Hi @And,

I guess this requires some additional configuration in the custom HDFS configs, but the setup should be done in the WebHDFS endpoint, not the KNIME client.


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