Heat map and Open Street Map


I was wondering if there is any way to put a heat map on an OSM?

What I mean is, I can create an Heat Map based on a frequency. These frequencies are geolocalized and I would like to add the heat map created before on it... Does anybody knows about that?

Thanks in adavance


Hi Jerome,

maybe you can achieve something similar by using the Shape-, Color-, and Size-Manager nodes in conjuction with the OSM Map View- or OSM to Image-node. These *-Manager-nodes allow to define the appareance of the map markers to be overlayed over the OSM in dependence of a certain property (e.g. frequencies). An example workflow (008002) on the example server demonstrates the usage.

I hope that helps.



Hi Martin,

Thanks for the tips. I thought about this option, but was wondering for a best solution.
But not a problem, I'll find a way to achieve my goal.

Thanks a lot for your help