Heat Map causes error during save


after creating a Heat Map with a fair amount of data, it took a few seconds to process, I am constantly facing a save issue with this error:

ERROR InplaceSaveRunnable             Could not save workflow - this exception will be re-thrown as an InterruptedException.
ERROR WorkflowEditor                  Could not save workflow: Could not save workflow: Exception while accessing file: "E:\Knime-Workspace\atMedia Onine Marketing\Customers\ABC\XYZ\Create Chart (#1441)\Heatmap (#1406)\internalTables\object_2\data.zip": E:\Knime-Workspace\atMedia Onine Marketing\Customers\ABC\XYZ\Create Chart (#1441)\Heatmap (#1406)\internalTables\object_2\data.zip (The system cannot find the file specified)

I had to reset all heat Map nodes in order to be able to save again. Then I executed that single Heat Map node which I assume being the culprit, saved again and Knime took significantly longer to save the data. I continued executed the remaining and saving after each but the issue did not reappear.


Hey Mike,

is it possible that this ā€œEā€ volume is not always present?
Can you check if that file exists that it is looking for the next time you encounter this problem?



Good evening @DanielBog,

the drive is permanently attached and nothing was reported by the system or in the logs. I will check the file the next time.