Heat Map how to

Hi there,

i would like to ask for help creating my heatmap.
my datasheet has column “hours” “project size” and “cost”.

in Hours i have: <3 / <10 / >10
in project size i have: <5k / <8k / >8k
in cost i have: low / mid / high

i would love to have a heat map with

x-axis: Hours
y-axis: project size
and colours in each cell depending on Cost low / mid / high

If anyone can suggest me solution or easy tutorial for beginners, i hope to learn some basics about heat-map and maybe i can use it later for more complexe projects.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Hi @RonnySeiler -

Take a look at this example from the KNIME Community Hub, which features the Heatmap node:

Maybe it can guide you to get started :slight_smile:


@RonnySeiler there is a Component you might want to check out:

Then there is an approach using R

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