Heat Map Issue

I am try to build a heat map to show the number of purchases by year by year joined. As part of this exercise, I am filtering out older join dates from my data set to limit the analysis to 2017 to 2023. However, when I build the heat map the older date ranges (1925 to present) are all showing. I don’t see earlier join dates in my Row Filter view after I execute the node, so I don’t see how the Heat Map is picking them up. Any suggestions as to what I might be missing?

Hi @kmarrs901

Try to place a Domain Calculator before the Heatmap.

Scans the data and updates the possible values list and/or the min- and max values of selected columns. This node is useful when the domain information of the data has changed and must be updated in the table specification, for instance, the domain information as contained in a table spec may be void when a row filtering (e.g. outlier removal) is carried out.

gr. Hans


That appears to have worked nicely. Thank you!

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