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I am curious about whether it is possible to create a kind of heat map for the layout of a building floor? I know it is possible with OSM and with detailed visualization if used in conjunction with the shapefile format, but is there any way to do this for closed spaces as well?

A colleague has asked me about the capabilities of Knime with regard to processing data from sensors of a shopping mall. The data contains information collected via sensors about the time spent by visitors around which shops in the mall. There is the layout of each floor of the mall and the places of the sensors located in each floor. Is it possible to process this visual data with the data from sensors about customers to create some kind of heat map?

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Nothing native to KNIME that I know of.  For this I would typically use KNIME for any backend processing you want (normalization, modeling, etc) and use a visualization client to display shapefiles / heatmap (i.e. Spotfire or Tableau are my defaults).


I tried to adapt a R code for that purpose. Let me know if it doesn't work.

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Thank you Ckevinhill,

I will give a try to your suggestions.



Hi Fabien,

Thank you for the example workflow which is nice. However, the critical question still remains on ground: How can I join the heatmap table with a building floor layout like the one I attached. I need to use some kind of gridline system to define the spots of the sensors and then combine them with the heatmap. Do you have any suggestions on that issue?


isn't there a way to adapt OSM to that somehow, maybe by giving it a custom map? If not, you could try something manual with the image plugins...

Hi Marlin,

I have no idea whether OSM is applicable to such cases or not. I suppose it works with latitude and longitude only. I posted this thread, so that maybe somebody with experience about similar projects might share his/her experience and ideas.



I don't know if I understood the problem as you want but could the workflow attached be a hint ?

I converted your plan as .PNG previously and you have to change the path for it in the R node.


Hi Fabien,

This is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for your time and effort.

I am not familiar with R, yet I hope my colleague is. I think there is no such capability of native Knime nodes to create a gridline with a picture as a background.

I'm pretty sure there are native capabilities for that... The Image Processing extension has so much "stuff", there's got to be something useful among it. Alas, there's so much stuff, it's hard to find what you're looking for... And it would really suprise me if OSM wasn't applicable, but I have never used it...

I would say there's some documentation missing somewhere. Tutorials, maybe?

Well, at least you've got something... although using R feels like cheating. Isn't it strange how there doesn't seem to be a way to create Java snippets with Images as output? Unless, of course, you go the manual way and manipulate an svg on the fly...